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19th October

  •  Explosive push off with both legs. Front leg extends remaining in contact with the ground while back leg swings forward. Extended front leg and trunk form a straight line.

  •  Arms swing opposite to legs, elbows flex to ~90o and fists swing towards forehead.

  • After first two strides, foot touches down in front of centre of gravity.

  • Forward body lean begins to decrease until normal sprinting position is reached after about 22 yards (20 meters). Head is relaxed, eyes focused straight ahead.

Learn more here: https://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/sprintingtechnique.html

Improving Sprinting Technique

20th October

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Dealing With Rejection

18th October

One of the most difficult things to handle by leaders and would be leaders is rejection. Rejection has made many commit suicide. Rejection has caused many to be discouraged, ruining bright and dazzling destiny. Over the years, I have had to counsel several people on the issue I am addressing this week. I am sure this piece is going to add some value to you. Let’s go!

It behooves on me to start with the heartwarming story of a Guinean—who became a citizen of the beautiful nation of France. I am talking about Paul Pogba. Paul is now the most expensive player on earth! How did he get to where he is today in his career as a footballer? I am so sure you want to know.

Some years ago, history has it that Paul Pogba left the manager’s office at the Manchester United in floods of tears. Devastated by what he felt was unfair treatment by Sir Alex Ferguson, the young Frenchman stalked out, turning his back on the Scot, vowing never to return. But some years after, the same person, who was rejected by Sir Alex Ferguson, was accepted by Jose Mourinho.

Paul Pogba did not allow his rejection stop him from playing football. He did not allow rejection to cause him to throw in the towel. From Manchester United, he moved to Juventus and continued to sharpen his skills and character. He was first a “normal player”, now he is the most expensive footballer on earth!

What do I want you to see about Paul Pogba? One, he did not allow what happened to him cause him to stop playing football. Two, he moved on with his life and career. He didn’t stay at the same place, crying so that everyone could pity him. Sitting at a place after being rejected cannot help you. You will need to move on with your life. Many leaders have refused to move on with their lives after they were rejected. Buddy, the problem is not that you were rejected; the problem is that you have refused to move on with your life and career.

Three, he started working on his character and capacity. And today, his story has changed. After you are rejected, begin to develop your character and capacity. Improve yourself so much that you’d become outstanding in your field of life. If you will not stop, a few years from now, the same place you were once rejected, you would be celebrated.

Please understand me that I am yet to see anyone who was rejected who did not end up great. Your destination is greatness, not shame. You are alone today and not many people want to associate with you, but I am here to challenge you today to rise from your state of despondency and start developing your capacity and character. For the umpteenth time, do not let rejection by men distract and discourage you, let it re-direct you.

I remember the story of Jephthah in the Bible. He woke up on a day like every other day, but he did not know what was awaiting him. I can picture him doing his domestic chores with joy, not knowing that his brothers were planning a blood-less coup for him. All of a sudden, they came to him, teaming up, and kicked him out of his father’s house. I am certain that he wept like Paul Pogba did. He felt as if his world had come to an end. He felt like committing suicide. He was betrayed by those he trusted.

There is something important I want you to see here. Jephthah’s brothers sent him out of the house, not out of the city. Instead of Jephthah to remain in the same city where he was rejected, he chose to relocate to the land of “Tob”. Also, Pogba was rejected from the Old Trafford, not England, but he chose to relocate to Italy. Pogba was in Italy until a need did arise and they ended up looking for him.

Jephthah was also in the land of “Tob”, developing his character and capacity to fight. The only thing Jephthah could do was to fight while Pogba can play football. You too will need to discover what you can do and do it very well.

One thing I do know like I do know my fingers is that those who rejected you would always end up in a dire need and the only saviour they shall need to bail them out will be you. God will put their advancement, progress, success in your hands. Where you have been rejected and no one wants to identify with you, the same place, you are going to become an excellence, joy of many generations. The same place, not another place!

The stone that was once rejected will always end up becoming the chief corner stone. If you will not allow temporary rejections of men cause you to stop working on your character and capacity, it will happen later that those who once rejected you shall not be able to survive without you.

As I begin to coast home, some years ago, a man came to my office, narrating his ordeal. He was rejected by someone very close to him. As an effect of this, he was welcoming each day with tears and sending it to bed with tears. His life and career stalled. He taught the end had come. I counseled with him and he was able to pick up the pieces of his life and began to develop his character and capacity. Today, the stone that was once rejected has become the chief corner stone!

Lastly, I am yet to see anyone who became great who has never been rejected in life. And I am yet to see anyone who was once rejected who did not end up great. Do not let rejection distract and discourage you, but let it re-direct you.

See you where great people are found!

Learn more here: http://www.tribuneonlineng.com/rejection-is-redirection/

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16th October

Above: SportSleepCoach / Nick Littlehales

17th October


24th October


21st October

22nd October

In many countries there is a problem with the lack of contact time players have with their coaches and clubs.  Generally most young players will receive only one or two training sessions a week at their club.

Receiving two to three hours practice a week, including a match programme, is not nearly enough for any player to develop and gain a good knowledge of the game.  Elite players in Holland generally receive 9-12 hours practice time a week with their coaches and clubs.


Another issue is the education and development programme in place at clubs around the country.  There are some great youth coaches and clubs in place, but for every good set-up you can be sure there are six poorly run youth teams.


A player’s football education and understanding is very important.  In school, if a child struggles or falls behind in a certain subject, they will receive additional work on a one-to-one basis.  We should be offering exactly that in football.

Some players only train once or twice a week in a squad of 15-20 individuals.  If they have problems, they may often be left out of the starting line up, meaning that they will fall further behind.

It is a great idea to find a 1 on 1 coach near you to help improve your game.

Learn more here: www.twsports.org/1on1-coaching

23rd October


Dehydration impedes performance and causes issues like cramping and fatigue. Simply put, if you aren't hydrated, you'll likely end up on the bench (and ironically become the team's water boy). However, staying hydrated isn't always easy. Constantly drinking water can be a challenge for young athletes, as they might pine for a more flavourful, fun-to-drink option. Lucky for you, tea is a fantastic way to stay hydrated. A 2011 study found that tea had similar hydrating properties as water.

McGill says, "The biggest thing is that tea keeps you hydrated. There's been a lot of good research that shows tea is comparable to water in terms of keeping you hydrated when drunk in the same quantities. A lot of young athletes might not like drinking straight water. It might not have enough flavour or whatever it may be. It just doesn't do it for them. So they're seeking other beverages. A 2-percent drop in hydration can affect performance. And young athletes are going from training to school to practice, so they're busy. It can be hard for them to stay hydrated. But tea keeps you hydrated, it has good flavour and it doesn't have a ton of sugar like soda or juice."

Moderate Stimulation

Studies have found drinks like soda hydrate similarly well, but one must consider what's in these alternatives—usually a ton of caffeine, sugar and additives. McGill continues, "High amounts of caffeine and sugar can both result in crashes, the last thing an athlete wants. Additionally, high amounts of caffeine and sugar are addicting. Tea's lower in sugar and caffeine than most alternatives, which allows it to possess the positives of those substances while avoiding their potential pitfalls. Tea has caffeine in it, but not nearly as much as coffee. It can provide a little stimulation for an athlete, which is great when you've got a 6 a.m. football practice and then a full day of school. You can drink some green tea to rehydrate after practice, and it will also help raise your level of awareness and help you get through those long days. This is smarter than relying on drinks like soda or energy drinks that usually have way more sugar and caffeine than you need."

Andrews agrees that the moderate amount of caffeine found in tea can be useful for athletes. He says, "Caffeine, studied in its isolated form, has been found to be one of the most tried and true performance enhancing substances of all time. It can basically just help you get that extra push you need during an athletic performance."

Tea keeps you hydrated, gives you a little kick to help you get through your day and is low in calories and sugar. But perhaps the most impressive performance-enhancing benefit of tea it increases endurance capacity.

Endurance Capacity

A 2004 study found that green tea extract improved endurance capacity in mice: "GTE [green tea extract] markedly improved endurance capacity and stimulated lipid use." And a 2006 study concluded that "the endurance-improving effects of GTE were mediated, at least partly, by increased metabolic capacity and utilization of fatty acid as a source of energy." All of that jargon basically means that green tea extract was found to improve endurance during aerobic activity, and that increased endurance was in part due to an increase in fat being burned for energy. While both of those studies were conducted using mice, human studies have shown similar results.

"It's definitely possible that green tea can improve endurance capacity in athletes," McGill says. "And it's really good for helping with body composition. It helps your body prioritize fat storage over glycogen, which means it's burning fat for energy."

Those are the main performance-enhancing benefits of tea, but tea does other great things, too.

Disease Prevention

Catechins, a powerful antioxidant abundant in many teas (especially green tea), has been shown to aid in the prevention of cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. Tea consumption has also been linked to increased dental health, lower cholesterol and enhanced immune system function. The overall health and disease prevention benefits linked to tea consumption are truly too voluminous to list. "If a young kid swapped out soda for an unsweetened green tea, who knows the amount of health benefits they'd find. It could help prevent cancer, improve cardiovascular health, prevent diabetes, help them manage their weight better, give them more energy and focus, and improve their oral health. Green tea's one of those things where the downside of consuming it is pretty much non-existent," Andrews says.


Affordability and Convenience

Tea is also an affordable and convenient beverage option. "It's easy to get, it's easy to make and it's easy to create large quantities. It's widely available," McGill says. If you're wondering which type of tea is right for you, there are plenty of great options. Green tea might be the best option, as it has the highest catechin content and has been studied the most. But black and white teas have many of the same health benefits.

There are, however, some things to watch out for. Herbal teas aren't technically teas since they aren't made from the Camellia sinensis plant. They're actually made from a blend of seeds, herbs, flowers and fruits. Thus, herbal teas don't confer the same benefits as traditional teas.

Making your own tea using loose tea leaves is a smart option, since it's been found that green tea made this way has a higher antioxidant content than bottled tea. "The lazy man's option is just buying some teabags at the store. But if you want a better experience with something that tastes better and potentially contains more of the beneficial compounds, I'd tell you to pick up some loose tea leaves," Andrews says.

Head here for more info on how to brew healthy tea.

One of the biggest pluses to frequent tea drinking is the advantage it holds over alternative beverage options. "You have to pick your beverages carefully. Drinking soda, drinking juice, drinking certain sports drinks, they have their place. But it's really about what you drink the most. If you frequently drink tea, you're going to reap the benefits of drinking something with a ton of health benefits, zero calories, a little bit of caffeine and the ability to rehydrate you," McGill says.

Learn more here: http://www.stack.com/a/athlete-tea

1 on 1 Training

Benefits of Drinking Tea

25th October

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