Athlete Affiliate Programme

Receive a personal 10% discount code that you and your followers can use on our shop items & earn rewards for your social engagement on Instagram.

Your Discount Code

After you sign up your personal unique discount code will be set up. Expect a confirmation email saying your discount code is ready for use.  For every purchase using this code you will receive 10% of the revenue. All payments are made using Paypal and can be paid out from £5 upwards.

Reward Points

1. Athlete's using the tagline '@fuelforfootball athlete' in their bio are eligible for 100 reward points.

2. Liking and commenting a @fuelforfootball Instagram post will be rewarded with 5 reward points.


300 points = £3 off store

600 points = Free Ankle  or Hamstring Injury Prevention Plan

1200 points = Free 'Building Speed' Plan

1200 points = Free 'Off-Season Training' Plan

1800 points = Free 'Upper Body Workouts' Plan

1800 Points = Free 'Nutrition' Plan

For point balance or to redeem a reward.




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