There are four domains that contribute to the making of an elite footballer - technical, physical, tactical and psychological. All have equal importance in the game. In fact, we can acknowledge that at the elite level, players need a set standard of abilities across the board. Within each, there are a number of skills which are specific to football; also accounting for differences from position-to-position. Optimal training intends to develop skills across the board, especially for situations in-game where multiple domains are indivisible. The exact skills trained in each are should vary through different periods on a needs-analysis basis.

The Technical Domain

Elite players put in extra hours on the training ground every week, working to improve their technical ability. There is such a large variety of different ways to improve technique, and countless areas to work on. At Fuel For Football we suggest picking 2 areas of your game that you excel in, along with 2 areas you need to improve on. Then, create a session, using drills for all 4, that you can work on over a certain period of time. An array of curated drills can be found on our Instagram page, as well as on our technical improvement drills page. For more in-depth information, including the optimum mechanics and striking technique, consider purchasing one of our plans.

The Physical Domain

While it is a more obvious part of training to be an elite footballer, we cannot understate the importance of gym work in football. From aerial contests to shielding, from shot power to 1v1s, correct use of the gym can have a major impact on your game. At Fuel For Football we have studied the best exercises for footballers to build strength and power. Use our gym tips online, along with the daily informational posts on Instagram, to improve your knowledge. In order to get the most from Fuel For Football, consider purchasing our in-depth plans or e-books.

The correct nutrition is extremely important for players looking to progress, as our fitness and levels of fatigue are closely connected to nutritional intake. Feeling 100% fit is the ideal one should aim for at the beginning of every game, as even the slightest feeling of sluggishness can greatly hinder game speed. Often, it is the difference of a few milliseconds that can change entire scenarios in football. Many injuries derive from poor nutrition. For example, poor hydration levels are often linked with muscular tears. Nutritional preparation for matches should begin long before the match day. At Fuel For Football we would like players to learn about how they should fuel themselves before a match day (preparation), on a match day (utilization), and the day after a match (recovery). Furthermore, it is important to learn the optimum intake for yourself individually, as every player has slightly different needs and requirements. At Fuel For Football we have studied the best nutrition for every type of footballer. Use our online tips along with the daily informational posts on Instagram to improve your knowledge on correct nutrition. To get the most from Fuel For Football, consider purchasing our in-depth nutrition e-book.

Injury Prevention work can be used to reduce the risk of injuries, especially in players with identified recurring problems. It is very difficult to develop as a player on the pitch if you are side-lined for long periods of time. Equally, with so many careers cut short by injury, prevention is imperative for most players to prolong their careers. At Fuel For Football we are extremely dedicated to providing the best information on preventing injuries, as we see fitness as a crucial part of the game. Too many players are released due to repetitive injuries which often can be prevented or mitigated. With this in mind, more of our Instagram posts are aimed toward teaching injury prevention techniques, than toward any other concept. Use these posts to gain knowledge on preventative measures, and take full advantage of several tips on our injury prevention page, as well as on our muscle and joint-specific injury prevention plans

For players with heavy training schedules correct recovery is extremely important. Total complete recovery reduces the risk of future injuries and helps muscles to develop. From ice baths, to stretching, to supplements, we have everything you need to know about recovery on both our site and on Instagram. 

The Tactical Domain

Game knowledge involves movement, positioning, decision-making, and much more. It is often the largest distinguishing factor between different levels of the game. Through knowledge gained from professional and semi-professional players, we aim to create game-changing, position-specific plans that will accelerate players' development rapidly. 

The Psychological Domain

There are four key pillars in psychological performance, all of which you should look to enhance if you wish to become a better player: resilience, consistency, confidence and commitment. The greatest method for improving each is that of mental skills training.

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