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Game Performance Package (Full-Season)

Game Performance Package (Full-Season)


In psychological performance sessions we aim to give you a mental edge by boosting consistency, composure, commitment, confidence, and concentration levels. These components are elements that often let players down, even on the biggest of stages! We progressively work on each component and through one-to-one sessions, to raise your performance levels via the development of mental toughness. In addition, we tailor to each player’s individual needs, working on the aspects of psychology most needed at a given time. Mental skills training is something that is unfamiliar to many, however the sporting greats are both aware and engage in regular forms of mental skills training. We want to provide footballers with the opportunity to optimise performance the same way the greats of every sport do, with psychological preparation, reflection and skills sessions.


The initial session is an introduction between yourself and our consultant. It considers the process involved in ‘bettering your best’. Subsequent sessions include mental skill training, advanced goal setting, performance reviews (from a psychological perspective), and exploring player-specific experiences.

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