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Live Game Analysis (In-Person)

Live Game Analysis (In-Person)


Our service offers insight into your strengths and areas for development. Our game analyst watches your match(es) focusing solely on your individual performance on and off the ball. After analysis has been made you receive an observation grid detailing every key moment from the game, including timestamps so you can watch back and reflect yourself. Further, you also receive detailed analysis of several key observations. For those most applicable, this includes the ways in which each area of development can be improved going forward.

This service is available for professionals and grassroots alike. While we have film of most professional games on our database, it is imperative that the grassroots send film for any match they wish to be analysed. Live analysis can be performed for televised games, or even better, in-stadium. This form of analysis is delivered within one hour of the full-time whistle and can even be discussed post-game. Please contact us to arrange for live analysis prior to booking as prices and availability can vary. Full discussion of any observations and analysis is available post-game – both in written and verbal form. For recorded analysis ie not live, analysis of a game can be expected within two days. Full season analysis for a prior season takes at most four weeks, dependent on the size of the fixture list. We ensure the quality of this analysis is as detailed as those of single games.

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