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One Training Session (Strength/Power & Speed)

One Training Session (Strength/Power & Speed)


Initially we complete an in-person battery of tests, the results of which will act firstly as a marker, and secondly to help drive programming.  We test your strength, mobility, speed, power and ability to change direction – all crucial factors in football performance.


Typically, there are a combination of areas that will be focussed on throughout training which depend on your individual needs. You may go through various blocks of a certain parameter for performance, or there may be a combination of various parameters throughout – this depends solely on needs analysis of your physical abilities.  Unfortunately, in professional football, the in-house strength and conditioning coach likely has upwards of 30 players to supervise simultaneously. As a result of this, there is often many individual needs that are not covered in training, leaving you with a sub-optimal programme, including sessions that lead to minimal performance gains.


Sessions generally last from 60-90 mins, starting with myofascial release and stretching of necessary areas, then activation drills, followed by the prescribed session. 


During your Power sessions, to ensure the load you are lifting is optimal, we will fit you with a VBT (Velocity based training) device that measures power output (w) in various lifts, so there is no need for any guess work.  When training for power, as we want maximal intention every rep, by measuring the speed of movement, we are able to note exactly when fatigue becomes a factor, and therefore the cessation of exercise, keeping things as efficient as possible.

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