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Phone Consultation

Phone Consultation


Essentially, our phone consultation is a discussion around your game in which we talk about what’s going well and where you need to improve.

The consultation goes wherever the player likes, so for example, if you need psychological advice, we will discuss deeper into this part of the game.

During the consultation it’s best to take notes on any advice, research, concept or story that is useful.

While we talk, notes will be made from the FFF end with anything discussed.

After the call, a plan of action will be sent to you, along with resources to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for anything more specific, ie you’d like to focus on recovery techniques, fitness or any other area of interest - this also is a perfect opportunity. If possible, let us know prior to the consultation that you'd like to focus on a specific area so we can get resources together for you to look at while we speak.

The time frame for these consultations is 1 hour, although this is just a rough guide. We usually work through all the questions you have and as much of any key areas as possible.


A time and date for the consultation can be discussed both pre and post purchase.

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