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The Game Changer - Performance Psychology

The Game Changer - Performance Psychology

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While many see physical and technical attributes as keys to performance, many overlook the fact that both rely heavily on strong psychology. One of the earliest managers to value psychology as the number one domain of Football was Sir Alex Ferguson, who valued the psychological state of his players as the key to prolonged elite performance. It is certain that placing detailed attention to the mental side of the game can create massive improvement in performance - the key domain for finding consistency.

In ‘The Game Changer’ we aim to give you a mental edge by boosting consistency, composure, commitment, confidence, and concentration levels. These components are part of a domain that often lets players down, even on the biggest of stages! We will work through each various areas of game psychology and offer you ideas that will raise your performance levels via the development of your mentality and approach to everything football. Mental skills training is something that is unfamiliar to many, however the sporting greats are both aware and engage in regular forms of mental skills training. We want to provide footballers with the opportunity to optimise performance the same way the greats in every sport do.


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