Psychological Pillars For Performance

There are four key pillars in psychological performance, all of which you should look to enhance if you wish to become a better player.

Resilience - Refers to being able to maintain/enhance levels of effort during extremely good times (avoiding complacency), and not allowing circumstances to change one's mentality via mental strength in tougher times.

Consistency - Being able to play at the best of your ability every time you step on the field. This is not easy to achieve, otherwise there would be no such thing as 'bad form'. Can also refer to off-field activity, such as ability to maintain a schedule which promotes development and good performance.

Confidence - Self-belief about your ability to execute a specific task successfully (e.g., playing well), in order to obtain a certain outcome (e.g., winning, self-satisfaction or coach recognition). Years of sport psychology research tells us that confidence is the key differentiating psychological factor between successful and unsuccessful performance in football.

Commitment - The level of dedication towards goals, training, recovery and matchday. Maintaining a level of endeavour that is unwavering in all circumstances, with a mentality to continuously progress.

Mental Skills Training

The most useful way of developing each pillar of psychological performance is through mental skills training. This involves deliberate training, much like a technical or physical session, which aims to train componets of psychology. This area is covered in much greater detail in our e-book 'The Game Changer' and can be developed through mental skills training with our elite psychologist.

The Game Changer - Performance Psychology

The Game Changer - Performance Psychology

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Psychology Concepts Within Acclaimed Books



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