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Football-Specific Lower Body Workouts

Football-Specific Lower Body Workouts


This e-book contains 15 workouts designed specifically for football players needs. Unlike other fitness plans and related content, this e-book focuses entirely on building strength, power and hypertrophy, solely for the demands of football. Every workout has been ranked in terms of its intensity and time needed for recovery to eliminate any thinking needed before a gym session. Furthermore, workouts are split into those suitable for in-season and off-season indiviudally. This makes it even easier to understand which workout is suitable at each time. 


Every workout has been designed for optimum growth in muscle strength. Each individual workout is written in the order it should be completed. There are many factors which each workout has been based upon. 


This purchase includes:

  • A printable e-book viewable on computer, tablet, or mobile phone

  • Full support, as well as tips and advice after purchase


* Equipment needed for plan: Access to a gym.


All information and advice should be used at your discretion.

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